Apple Releases HomePod

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Apple Releases HomePod


After a very long wait, Apple’s HomePod is finally here. The smart speaker is late to the game but how does it compare to the others on the market?

Amazon launched the Echo in 2014 and Google Home came out in 2016, four years on Apple has finally released their version of the smart speaker.

As with all Apple products, the HomePod is very expensive at £319 compared to the Ehco (£89.99) and Google Home (£129).

The latest reviews also say that Siri isn’t as smart as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant but it is significantly better in a number of ways.

Apple designed the HomePod to primarily be an amazing home speaker and they’ve delivered on their promise. The device is great for listening to music and extremely easy to use.

HomePod syncs perfectly with an iPhone or iPad as well as to Apple Music, but if you are an Android user or prefer using Spotify or any other music apps then the HomePod probably isn’t for you.

As with all Apple products, the HomePod does look great, especially compared to the others on the market.

The device is only 7 inches tall and 5 and a half inches wide, but manages to blast quality sound evenly around a room.

It has six microphones which enables the speaker to pick up your voice from anywhere in the room.

Setting up is simple with an iPhone, all you need to do is hold your iPhone near the speaker to pair, and it will then begin calibrating the sound for the room. It will do this automatically every time you pick it up and move it, to ensure the best sound quality for the room.

With a simple “Hey Siri” you will be able to listen to Apple Music, control HomeKit smart home devices, set alarms or timers, find out what the weather will be, get the news and more. It will also learn your taste in music, so you can let the device pick the songs for you.

The device functionality is limited compared to other smart speakers though, if you want Siri to call someone, check your calendar or search for something online, then you are out of luck.  

The HomePod is very expensive, doesn’t have many features compared to the Echo or Google Home and only really works well with Apple Music, however if you are an Apple fan and want a great home speaker, HomePod is definitely for you but if you want a smarter voice assistant you may be better off with one of the others.

Luke Stanley