Apple Pencil Coming To The iPhone?

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Apple Pencil Coming To The iPhone?


The latest Apple rumours suggest that the iPhone’s lined up to be released later this year will be the first to support the Apple Pencil, which at present is only supported by the iPad Pro and the latest version of the iPad.

The latest rumours from TrendForce also gave us an insight into the pricing of the new iPhone devices. They suggest that the “budget iPhone” will cost around $699 and the OLED models will start from $999. 

The report also agrees with previous rumours that the LCD budget model will have a similar design to the iPhone X, include the Face ID feature and come with two storage options either 64GB or 256GB, the same as the iPhone 8.

The budget model is said to be aimed at the masses and will help Apple to compete with cheaper Android phones.

The OLED iPhone, however, will be packed with a lot more feature and will supposedly also offer a 512GB option as well as 64GB and 256GB. And the device will come in 5.8inches and 6.5inches (the Plus version).

Both OLED iPhones are rumoured to be supporting the Apple Pencil, while the budget iPhone isn’t.

The more expensive OLED iPhone device will be replacing the iPhone X, which has been discontinued.

For now, it looks like Apple may be releasing three iPhones in 2018, in three different sizes. At least that’s one thing all the rumours agree on. Naming the new device on the other hand is a completely different story but we don’t have long now until Apple big unveiling.

Luke Stanley