Apple May Unveil ‘AirPods’ Alongside The iPhone 7

| Technology

It looks like Apple really may be set to make a highly controversial move and remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7.

Several reports have claimed that Apple will get rid of headphone sockets which will force iPhone users to either us lightning connector headphone or wireless headphones.

Although many Apple fans will be annoyed by this, it may be a great move in the end.

By removing the headphone jack, it allows for thinner phones, larger screens and more storage space.

Another reason why Apple may be getting rid of the headphone jack is because the future of headphones is wireless and according to rumours Apple is unveiling their own wireless earpods alongside the iPhone 7 dubbed ‘AirPods’.

Speculation regarding the ‘AirPods’ came from uncovered patents that shows that Apple are developing earpods under the Apple name rather than the Beats brand.

As Samsung has already released their own version of wireless earpods called Gear IconX (pictured above), it won’t be too much of a surprise if Apple follows suit.

The tech giant is expected to release a set of wired headphone with the iPhone 7 that connect through the lightning connector and the ‘AirPods’ will supposedly be available at extra cost.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 7 later on this evening and could possibly hit the shelves as early as September 16th so stay tuned for the latest Apple unveilings. 

Luke Stanley