Apple Launches New iPad

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Apple Launches New iPad


As expected, Apple released a new iPad at its education event last week. Apple has introduced the new “low-cost” iPad and education software in an attempt to win back students and teachers.

The design of the iPad is pretty much exactly the same as its predecessor; however functionality wise it now supports the Apple Pencil, meaning this is the first iPad that isn’t a Pro to support the Pencil.

In terms of the specification, we weren’t expected much from the low-cost iPad, but the specs are quite impressive.

It includes the very fast A10 Fusion processor, an upgrade from its predecessor which featured the A9 processor.

The storage remains the same offering a 32GB and 128GB model.

The camera also appears to be the same with an 8MP camera that shoots 1080p HD video.

Other specifications include up to 10 hours of battery life and Touch ID.

The new iPad is slightly cheaper than the 2017 model starting at £319, going up to £539 but Educational workers and students get a bit of a discount too.

It’s unclear how much of a discount schools will be offered in the UK but in the U.S Apple is offering $30 of the new iPad and $10 off the Apple Pencil.

Schools will also get a massive increase in free iCloud storage up to 200GB, significantly higher than the 5GB previously offered.

The new iPad looks like a reasonably good update, even if it is a little bit of a boring one. Of course it doesn’t compare to the iPad Pro but for those seeking a cheaper alternative this one might be for you.

Luke Stanley