Apple iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone 6c

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Apple iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone 6c

Rumours regarding the next generation iPhones have been flying around for the last few months but reports are now suggesting that Apple are likely to be launching three iPhone devices at its annual update.

The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone 6c. All of which are likely to be released this September.

iPhone 6c

The iPhone 6c (which reports suggest won’t be called 6c) will be a 4 inch device that will be pitched as an entry level to mid-range device and is likely to have a plastic case, just like the iPhone 5c.

They claim the price range for this “budget” device will be in the £270 to £340 range, which is a fair bit cheaper than the iPhone 5c price tag of £470 at its launch.

The price tag of the iPhone 5c is thought to be one of the major reasons why the device didn’t take off as it felt like a mid-range phone but with a high-end price tag.

If Apple is able to offer a more reasonable price tag to the iPhone 5c’s successor, it will open up a whole new market for Apple as many people choose Android and Windows smartphones over the iPhone simply because of the price. We are sure a huge amount of people would move over to Apple if the prices were more reasonable.

And as it looks like Apple Stores will soon start accepting trade-ins of Android smartphones in exchange for Apple Store gift cards, Apple may soon be taking a bigger dent of the market share.

iPhone 6s and 6 Plus

As for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus successors, rumours suggest that they will be using a new Apple A9 processor, however the look, feel  and size of the devices from the outside are expected to be much the same as per usual with the S products.

All three devices are likely to have Touch ID scanners, NFC chips and LCD clad in Gorilla Glass rather than the sapphire glass we have been hoping for. We don’t expect there will be any major changes to the screen size, toughness or resolution.

With the iPhone 6 finally having NFC, we are hoping that as they have given the Apple Watch wireless charging, they may transfer that over to the iPhone 6s too.

The camera is expected to improve a little too, not in megapixels but in certain aspects of the camera system.

These new devices are likely to be announced in September and we don’t expect the prices will change much so you can expect it to launch at around the £540 mark just like the iPhone 6.

As always we will bring you the latest rumours as they occur, so stay tuned.

Luke Stanley