Apple announces March 21st event

| Technology

Apple has finally announced that the rumours were true that they will be hosting an event on the 21st March.

Apple has sent out the invitations for the event with an image featuring the phrase “Let us loop you in”.

Usually, Apple’s invitation taglines hint about what we can expect from their announcements, however most agree that the phrase is simply referring to the location of the event which is at Apple’s headquarters, One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.

As the date had been reported multiple times in the last few months, we expect that the rumours regarding what we will see at this event are quite likely to be true too. The big announcement is likely to be the new iPhone; dubbed the iPhone SE (other names have included the iPhone 5se, iPhone 5e and the iPhone 6c).

The new iPhone SE is said to have the same design as the iPhone 5s as well as be the same size but with rounded edges like the iPhone 6 and 6s. The new iPhone will also have an upgraded spec including tech we have already seen in the newest handsets such as the A9 and M9 co-processors and NFC for Apple Pay.

The handset is set to replace the iPhone 5s as Apple’s smallest smartphone as well as their “cheap” (entry level) alternative iPhone, very much like the iPhone 5c was. 

We are also likely to see a new 9.7 inch iPad as Apple didn’t release one last autumn like they usually do. The new tablet is expected to have some of the same capabilities of the massive iPad Pro which was released last year.

This new iPad will supposedly support the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard devices.

Apple are also likely to expand the Apple Watch band options, however a new Apple Watch isn’t likely to be debuted until later on this year. These new band styles are said to include a space black Milanese loop, as well as new sports band colours.

So if you are looking for a smaller iPhone, an upgraded normal sized iPad or some new Apple Watch bands then you may be in for a treat next week! 

Luke Stanley