Apple Admits To Slowing Down Old iPhones

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Apple Admits To Slowing Down Old iPhones


Apple has now admitted that they slowed down older iPhones to ease battery concerns, which has been suspected for quite a while now.

Obviously this created a massive backlash for Apple, even though they claimed they did this to prevent older devices from “unexpected shutdowns”. According to Apple, as your iPhone's battery gets worse over time a sudden burst of activity could supposedly shut your phone down altogether.

However, despite reasonable justification because they didn’t make users aware of this, it has left many feeling rather betrayed by the tech giant.

In order to calm down frustrated customers, Apple have now dropped the price of out-of-warranty battery replacements from £79 to £25, no matter what condition the battery is in (even if they pass the diagnostic test at the Genius Bar).

This means that anyone with an iPhone 6 device or later can walk into an Apple store and get their battery replaced for just £25, regardless of whether the battery’s health has degraded much or not.

This offer is available worldwide until December 2018.

Apple has also said that in early 2018, they will issue an iOS update with new features giving users more visibility into the health of their iPhone batteries.

If you don’t want to wait for the iOS update then you can head into any Apple Store or contact the Apple support team online or on the phone to find out the health of your iPhone battery.

So if you have noticed your battery draining quickly or if the device is more than a year old, it’s probably worth getting the battery replaced.

You can read Apple’s full statement here.

Luke Stanley