Apple Accidently Leak New MacBook Pro

| Technology

Everyone already expected that Apple would unveil a new MacBook Pro at their event on Thursday, however it looks like they have accidently posted a couple of pics a little too early.

Two images were spotted in yesterday’s macOS Sierra which contained images of a new MacBook Pro. The images show that the new MacBook Pro comes with a touch panel above the keyboard, as well as a finger print reader and speakers next to the keyboard.

The pictures show a narrower looking MacBook Pro, yet the design still looks very similar to the current MacBook Pro.

The touch bar (which could be called the “Magic Toolbar” and has been rumoured for a while) appears to replace the function keys, escape key and the power button. It looks like the touch bar will be completely black when the computer is off but is able to display colours, buttons and words to respond to whatever’s on the screen.

The image shows Apple Pay being used on the new MacBook Pro, allowing you to use the finger print reader to the right of the touch bar to make payments.

We expect that the MacBook Pro will be officially announced at a media event tomorrow, so stay tuned for more details about the long awaited new MacBook Pro. 

Luke Stanley