Android Phone Ditches The Headphone Jacks Too

| Technology

Last year, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and declared that the new device won’t come with a headphone jack. This came as a huge surprise and at the time upset a lot of people, however now it looks like Android phones may be jumping on board and getting rid of the headphone jack too.

HTC have unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC U Ultra and it doesn’t come with a headphone jack.

It looks like we will soon be in a jack-free smartphone era, as more and more devices are leaving the headphone jack behind.

HTC unveiled the HTC U Ultra and the HTC U Play, as well as teasing that they are planning to release 6-7 new smartphones this year. And the HTC phones are about to get a lot smarter with a new AI companion.

The device has a 5.7 inch display encased in a glass and metal frame and is packed with some high-end specs. It is a lot wider than the iPhone 7 Plus, but has a subtle little curve which sits nicely in your palm.

It is packed with some good specs too, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor combined with 4GB of RAM.

This is the second HTC smartphone to hit the market without a headphone jack, with them having released the HTC Bolt towards the end of last year.

Rumours are already surfacing that Samsung are ditching the headphone jack on the Galaxy S8 which will be released this April, while Motorola have already gotten rid of it.

It looks like it’s time to accept the fact that the headphone jack will soon be extinct, at least within the smartphone world. 

Luke Stanley