Amazon accidently reveals the iPhone 6

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Amazon accidently reveals the iPhone 6

Over the last few months Apple’s iPhone 6 has struggled to stay under wraps with multiple leaks having occurred. However these leaks in the past have been from somewhat unreliable and even shady sources…

The online retail giant Amazon have been making a few blunders lately, their most recent one being listing the iPhone 6 well ahead of its launch and divulging quite a bit of information about the next generation iPhone on its Japanese website.

Apple’s iPhone 6 made a surprise appearance on the website despite Apple having yet to disclose any information regarding the up and coming iPhone.

The post has since been removed but Amazon Japan revealed a host of details including price, availability and dimensions:

  • Dimensions of 130mm x 65mm x 7mm
  • Handset weight - 113g (3.985 oz)
  • A Gold colour option
  • Up to 64GB memory
  • 139,999 yen retail price (around £800)
  • Availability from the 30th September

If this information is correct, you may be forking out quite a hefty figure for a 4.7inch, 64GB iPhone 6 by the end of September.

Other rumours suggest that there will be two sizes of iPhone 6, a 4.7Inch and a 5.5inch but even if this unveiling can be believed there was no mention of a 5.5inch device.

Is this really a credible source?

So how credible is this mistaken post by Amazon Japan, is this really a reliable enough source to be believe? Many are saying that it could have been posted by a Market Seller and not Amazon itself but Amazon are still yet to confirm or deny this. 

Troy Stanley