A New Colour May Be Coming To The iPhone 7 Range

| Technology

Everybody loved the jet black and matte black iPhone 7 but rumour has it, Apple is planning on launching a brand new colour to the range, “Jet White”.

According to a Japanese Apple blog, Apple is planning to launch a glossy pure white iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The Japanese Apple blog MacOtakara published this rumour but despite the fact they have a good track record of reliably leaking Apple news ahead of their announcements, they aren’t overly confident with this one stating “This information may be unreliable”.

The jet black iPhone was released with the iPhone 7 range, and while it was criticised for scratching easily, it still won over the fans with its sleek new look.

Normally, Apple only releases new coloured iPhone when a new iPhone is launched, such as introducing Gold for the iPhone 5S, multiple colours with the iPhone 5C and Rose Gold for the iPhone 6S.

However, the white iPhone 4 was released almost a year after the black one, due to the fact that the white model proved challenging to manufactures.

And a new colour would further boost iPhone sales months after its release.

If a new Jet White colour was added to the iPhone 7 range, it would put the number of colour options up to six.

In my opinion, it isn’t likely that Apple would release a new colour on its own, but it is very likely that they will launch the new colour with the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 next year. 

Luke Stanley