7 Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster

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7 Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster


We use computers every day for work and/or personal use but they will drive us mad at the first sign of any problems. One of the problems that you will find extremely frustrating is when your computer starts running slowly, especially if it doesn’t have any other issues.

Are you sick of your computer running slowly? Rather than going out and buying a new one, here are 7 ways to speed up your computer:

1) Uninstall Unused Programs

Your computer will have come with a lot of programs preinstalled that you will never use, and probably not even realise exist.

The first step you should take is to remove all these programs. These programs can slow down your computer significantly, especially if said programs are running in the background without you realising.

2) Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files accumulate on your computer from doing basic tasks such as using the internet. These files can remain on your hard disk, which will slow down your computer. By deleting these types of files (such as your internet history and cookies) can free up more of your hard disk space, and increase speed.

3) More Hard Drive Storage

If your hard drive exceeds over 80% full, it will have an impact on your computers speed. If you store a lot of data on your computer, then you will need to get a massive hard drive, at least 1TB+ to help speed it up.

4) Stop Pointless Start Ups

By doing this, it will take less time for your computer to boot up, but it will also help speed up your computer overall as many of these programs will continue to run once your computer has loaded and will use up your computer’s memory.

5) More RAM

If you use a lot of programs, then you may need more RAM. If you don’t have enough RAM your computer will be unbearably slow.

An obvious sign that your computer doesn’t have enough RAM is when it slows down every time you try and open up large files or it will freeze when you do several actions at once.

6) Run Disk CleanUp

Disk Cleanup is a Windows tool that is built into all Windows computers. This is a decluttering tool which will search for unnecessary files and remove them. Less files means more speed.

7) Physically Clean It

You need to keep your computer free from dust as it blocks airflow which is crucial for keeping your computer cool. If your computer is overheating, it’s very likely to slow down its performance in order to keep going.

You can easily take off the computers exterior and clean the inside to remove the dust. Be sure to disconnect your computer as much as possible before cleaning it out.


There are many ways in which you can speed up your computer but these 7 tips are the easiest ways to get your computer performing again. 

Luke Stanley