12inch Macbook Air with new slimmer redesign

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12inch Macbook Air with new slimmer redesign

Rumour has it, the much loved Macbook Air is soon to be redesigned and even slimmer than before. In fact it is reported to be almost twice as thin as its predecessor.

These rumours may have been flying around for the past year but 9to5Mac’s sources at Apple have shared this information regarding the huge changes coming to the slender laptop.

From the sounds of it, it looks like Apple’s 12 inch Macbook Air is making its ultra-slim build even more of a priority with its latest model. 9to5Mac’s sources have said that the Macbook Air is getting rid of an internal fan, the click of the trackpad and the traditional USB ports, allowing them to build the laptop even thinner. They have also minimised the bulk of the MagSafe power adapter.

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If all this is true then it is quite a significant revamp than first rumoured. The new Macbook Air will only have a single USB Type-C port which will be tasked with everything from charging to plugging in accessories, it will also include a headphone jack.

With the removal of these ports and components, it will have allowed Apple to build a much slimmer laptop as well as cut down on some of the cost of the computer. This would back up previous rumours that this model will be Apple’s attempt at offering a lower priced option to be able to compete with Windows computers.

The screen has long been rumoured to finally be a Retina display and the keyboard will be edge-to-edge allowing for a narrower device. With the trackpad losing its click, it is thought to be a little taller than previous models, offering more scrolling space.

9to5Mac did note that some of the details reported could change before the release, which is expected this summer, but if all these alternations make the final device then it will be a refreshing look for the Macbook Air. 

Luke Stanley