Why You Need To Get Social

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Why You Need To Get Social


The majority of estate agents have at least one social media account. Recent studies have indicated that up to 92% of local businesses have some form of social presence!

But is social media still a crucial part of online marketing? Here are 5 reasons why every estate agent should be on social media:

1) To promote their brand

Social media gives businesses the opportunity to promote their brand in a non-invasive way. Social media gives you the chance to show off who you really are as a business. It also enables you to occasionally introduce new properties and services without coming across overly salesy or pushy.

2) To establish trust and build relationships

Establishing yourself on social media is crucial; as it allows you to prove that you are an expert of your area and in your industry.

By sharing your knowledge, advice and industry/local news you will gradually build your audiences trust. Once you have established yourself, you will be able to build relationships with your audience by engaging with them. You can do this by replying to their questions, asking your own questions and/or sharing information. This is a proven way for businesses to gain the trust of potential and current clients as well as building real relationships with them.

3) To find your audience

Most of your target audience (whoever they are) will use social media. Most people are on multiple social channels so establishing your business on social media can help you to find your target audience as well as allowing them to find you too.  

4) To expand your range

You should be writing and posting regular blog posts on your website to improve your SEO, add value to your website and draw in your audience but a blog can only take you so far. Through the power of social media, you can distribute your content to a larger audience. If you share high quality content you are likely to get more people viewing it and sharing it, which will lead to more exposure, drawing in more and more people to your brand. The possibilities are endless!

5) To drive more traffic to your website

The primary reason you will be on social media is to draw in more business and to do that you will need to get people to end up back on your website.

Social media will help you to drive that crucial traffic. People will be attracted to the content you are sharing which will lead them back to your website. The more people who see, like and share the content you post, will drive more people to your website where they can learn more about you and what you have to offer which can lead to more business.


So, what’s holding you back from getting truly involved in social media? Hopefully these 5 reasons will help you understand the importance of social media and how other businesses have found success with it... 

Luke Stanley