What is Facebook Workplace?

| Social media

Facebook has released their Workplace platform to all companies, which will compete against companies like Slack and Yammer. The service has been designed to replace other business tools such as email.

Facebook Workplace is a mobile and web app which looks a lot like Facebook itself, and includes features like video streaming and messaging but isn’t connected to your personal profiles and is only visible to people in your company.

The platform is a mix between a social network, the Messenger app and a productive tool for businesses.  

It aims to keep your team connected via tools like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Groups, audio and video calling as well as gives access to profiles and events. It also includes the News Feed to keep you up to date with your colleagues and company announcements.  

Facebook Workplace has already been tested on more than a thousand businesses including Starbucks and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

This is the first non-advertising service Facebook has charged a subscription fee for. They do offer a 3 month free trial period, but after that it will cost up to $3 a month per active user.

The platform is available to all businesses of any size, and is accessible through a desktop website or a free iPhone or Android app.

If you want to try out Facebook’s new service, visit workplace.fb.com and click the “apply” button to start setting up Workplace for your business. 

Luke Stanley