Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Increases Again

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Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Increases Again

Twitter is now allowing you to squeeze in a few extra characters on your tweets.

From now on, @usernames will no longer be counted within the 140 character limit. This also means that replies to your tweets will look completely different.

Before, tweet replies would start with “@username”. Now, instead of beginning with the username, tweet replies will only include the tweet itself and the username will appear above the tweet.

Tweets are still limited to 140 characters but usernames will no longer count towards that limit when replying.

Twitter first announced that they were loosening the 140 character limit last year by allowing GIFs, polls, videos and quoted tweet to not count towards the 140 character limit, and since then the social network has been testing different variations of features to try and get people engaging more.

Since then, Twitter has released other features like media attachments that don’t count towards character count and the ability to retweet yourself.

Twitter users have been reporting seeing new formats for replies over the last few weeks, which is likely to have been testing for this release.

It will be interesting to see what other new updates Twitter will be releasing in the near future to help them retain as well as gain more users. 

Luke Stanley