Twitter might be increasing their 140 character limit

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Twitter might be increasing their 140 character limit

One of the most defining features of Twitter and why it is loved by so many is its 140 character limit that restricts users rambling on, forcing them to keep their thoughts short, sweet and to the point (or spread them across several tweets if needed).

Twitter has played around with ways of extending the 140 character limit for some time, however now it has been reported that they are considering breaking the limit and opening the formatting up entirely.

According to reports, Twitter are now considering allowing up to 10,000 characters for tweets, yet you would still see tweets in the same short formatting with the option to expand the individual compacted tweets if you want to read more.

10,000 characters is the current limit for direct messages on Twitter and the extension on the tweeting character limit could be used to allow people and businesses to post lengthy blog articles, notes or thoughts.

However, expanding the character limit will change twitter an awful lot and is very likely to upset a lot of dedicated twitter users.

Twitter has been looking for ways to reinvent itself though, and the project reportedly called “Beyond 140” would definitely do that.

If rumours are true, this major change in Twitters formatting could be rolled out within the first few months of 2016.  

Although, Twitters CEO Jack Dorsey hasn’t officially confirmed the extension to the 140 character limit, he did tweet a subtle response hinting that a lengthier dialogue is coming soon.  

Luke Stanley