Twitter might be expanding emotions

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Twitter might be expanding emotions

Twitter has only just replaced “Favorites” (stars) with “Likes” (hearts) but it now looks like Twitter may be following in Facebooks footsteps and launching various “reaction emoji’s” despite Twitter users not being too pleased about the hearts change.

The social network may soon give its users the ability to post a variety of different emoji’s including happy faces, shocked faces, crying faces, the “100 sign” and many more.

It isn’t clear if Twitter will be rolling out this new feature but it appears to have been built and tested.

Many people were quick to complain about the new hearts button saying it was less ambiguous and would lead to problems when trying to show appreciation for sad posts.

These new emoji’s may be introduced in the future to allow for Twitter users to respond to tweets with more specific emotions.

Twitters multiple emoji’s may also be an attempt to anticipate Facebook’s up-and-coming Reactions buttons which would be a very similar system. Facebook rolled out Facebook Reactions in October which has been implemented due to the high demand for a “dislike” button.

It looks like multiple reaction emoji’s could become quite a common thing on social media platforms, but clearly users are increasingly looking for more effective ways to express their emotions online! 

Luke Stanley