Twitter Increases Character Limit

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Twitter Increases Character Limit


The microblogging social network has decided to trail expanding their character limit after 11 years to help users according to Twitter “easily express themselves”.

Twitter has always had a 140 character limit for tweets which has become a signature of the social network but has now doubled that to 280 characters to some Twitter users.

They said “We're trying something new with a small group, and increasing the character limit to 280”.

The social network said in a blog post that “the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people Tweeting in English”.

Twitter has been suffering from a slowing growth rate in recent years and it looks like this expansion could be one way for the social network to broaden its appeal and potentially attract new users.

The blog post went into depth about the decision with the stats showing that 9% of all Tweets in English hit the 140 character limit.

Twitter will be aiming to increase engagement amongst their users, keeping them on the site for longer.

This new change will give estate agents more characters to help them get their message across without having to cut short or cram in words.

Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey was one of the first to try the new limit out, saying it was "a small change, but a big move for us".

Luke Stanley