Tips to get more retweets

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Tips to get more retweets

There are more than 400 million tweets daily, yet only 1.5% of those tweets are retweeted so what’s the best way to go about gaining multiple retweets.

1. Leave enough space

The mistake many people make when tweeting is maxing out their character limit. By doing this you aren’t allowing any room for a basic retweet and if the user wants to add their own input than they are forced to edit your words too.

Honestly most people won’t bother retweeting if it requires work. Try to always leave at least 20 characters free at the end of your tweet; this gives other users space to work with.

2. Tweet at the right time

Posting your tweets at the right time is perhaps one of the most important factors of all, if you are pushing tweet out when none of your followers are on Twitter than you won’t get much back from your tweets.

2pm to 6pm is the recommended time to tweet.

3. Tweet links

People who included links within their tweets have a significantly higher chance of getting it retweeted than those who only use their accounts to chat.  

4. Ask for a Retweet.

One of the easiest ways to get a retweet is to simply ask for it. Marketers know that every advertisement needs to a call-to-action and that also applies within social media posts. By adding the phrase “Please Retweet” you have increased the chances of a retweet by 160%!

5. Send out more retweets

People who send out more retweets tend to receive more retweets. Many experts will recommend the 15:1 ratio when it comes to retweets.

For every tweet you post, aim to help promote at least 15 tweets for your followers. This will encourage your followers to retweet you in return.


However the most important thing you can do on Twitter is to use compelling content in your tweets as it will increase engagement. 

Luke Stanley