Stop Your Followers Scrolling Past Your Posts

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Stop Your Followers Scrolling Past Your Posts


Content can only take you so far on Facebook; the thing that will really grab your audience’s attention is the imagery you use.

Here are 5 tips from Facebook themselves to help you make your posts stand out on the Newsfeed:

1) Keep the image simple

The image should only focus on one thing. Too many things will blend into the newsfeed and will be overlooked by the majority of your audience.

2) Visual consistency

If you are marketing through Facebook ensure your posts tie together visually. You will want your audience to recognise your brand through your adverts easily.

3) Build for mobile

Create your posts with mobile in mind. A huge majority of your posts will be seen by a mobile device so ensure every element of the images and videos you post are easily viewable from a mobile.

4) Use eye-catching imagery

Obviously, you need your images to pop out. This means they should be high-quality, with good lighting and shot from a good perspective.

To make boring images more appealing, feel free to use smartphone apps and filters to create great images.

5) Include branding

People like to connect with brands they recognise and know, so including your branding within every image and post is important. This doesn’t necessarily mean shove your logo into the top corner of every image, instead use elements of your brand such as the logo, fonts, location, products and services to do it in a natural way. 

Luke Stanley