Social Media: Back To Basics

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Social Media: Back To Basics


The majority of estate agents have got involved on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn. However, most of them either didn’t research how to use social media or have forgotten what they should be doing in order to find success.

Here are 7 social media musts that should help you get started and stay on track:

1) Complete your profile

This may seem obvious but many social networking profiles are missing valuable information. At bare minimum your profiles should have a profile picture, a cover image, a detailed about section and contact information. Try to give your followers as much information as possible.

2) High quality branding

These social channels should represent your business accurately and stay consistent across all social networks. Your audience should be able to tell that your website, social channels and even print advertising are tied to the same company. Branding is important!

3) Share content regularly

You need to keep your social channels up to date. Without fresh new content being posted regularly your fans will get bored of your brand and forget about you.  

4) Respond quickly

You should respond to comments and inquiries as soon as possible. Customer service is important even on social media.

5) Post what your audience wants

You should only post content that will interest your customers and potential customers. This may be an interest, educational, helpful and/or informative article. Social media can’t be used solely for advertising your services and properties. Your posts need to be seen as useful; otherwise your fans will tune you out.

6) Include images

Images are favoured over content alone. An image will also help get your message across and increase the chances of your post being shared and liked.

7) Be persistent

Real results don’t happen overnight. They may not even come for the first few months, especially if you are just getting started on social media. Social media requires time and perseverance. Don’t feel discouraged; social media is a slow and steady process that should be considered as a long term investment. 

Luke Stanley