Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos a day

| Social media

You may think Snapchat is just a social network for teenagers; however it is estimated that 55% of the apps members are aged between 25 to 65+.

Snapchat has been so successful because it keeps it users interested with a constant flow of stories, images and videos, they also constantly releases new features and makes improvement to keep the app relevant as well as more entertaining so it comes as no surprise that users collectively watch around 10 billion videos a day.

A similar report was published back in February saying Snapchat videos are watched 8 billion times a day.

A 2 billion viewing increase in just 2 months may seem unrealistic but Snapchat have confirmed the figures and the rapid increase seems to be primarily down to it being the most popular app among teens.

However, that doesn’t mean the app demographic isn’t also growing among adults too, especially the 25-34 age group.

Unfortunately, these stats are hard to compare against similar services like YouTube and Facebook due to the lack of openness regarding this information. Yet, YouTube has said it receives “billions of views” every day and back in 2015 Facebook were said to have 8 billion videos watched a day which would put Snapchat in the same league as these social and video giants.

Videos are definitely one of the most popular ways people are sharing information and communicating these days and Snapchat is a key player in the video market.

Estate agents should definitely look into the possibilities of marketing their business through the app, especially if your target audience is a younger demographic. It is one of the few social media platforms that hasn’t been tapped by the property industry so it’s definitely a platform you should considering investing in.

As long as Snapchat continues to create relevant and interesting new features and updates its numbers will certainly continue to grow. 

Luke Stanley