Revive Your Facebook Page

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Revive Your Facebook Page


Have you been neglecting your Facebook page? Has your Facebook business page turned into a ghost town, with no clicks, no likes and no shares?

If this is the case, here are 7 great tips to revive your Facebook page, turning it into the great marketing tool that you had once hoped it would be:

1) Update your status daily

Regularly updating your status is the most important thing you can do on your Facebook business page. Your audience needs to see you are active, otherwise they will get bored and abandon you.

2) Post relevant articles twice a week

Your estate agency needs to be seen as a thought leader within your industry. You can do this by providing your audience with relevant articles regarding property related information to keep them up to date with the latest property news.  

3) Like, share & comment on posts

People use social media to engage, so communicate with them. Facebook isn’t all about you. Try to like, share and comment on other peoples statuses, it will not only show you are active on Facebook but will also increase your visibility.

4) Post testimonials from customers

This will create more trust and credibility with your Facebook followers.

5) Use photos and videos

Posts with photos or videos attached receive on average 50% more engagement than posts without images or videos. Be more visual!

6) Find and Like other local business pages

Your potential customers are likely to be following other local businesses. Make sure you ‘like’ these businesses and engage with them, it will increase your visibility within the local community and expand your reach.

7) Share your Blog posts on your Facebook page

Do you blog? If you don’t you should be. Just make sure you post your blog articles onto your Facebook page. There are many benefits to doing this including providing your audience with valuable information, drawing people to your website and increasing sales in the process. 

Luke Stanley