One hour a week social media strategy

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One hour a week social media strategy

Having a social strategy in place is crucial for your success. The majority of estate agents fail to implement any kind of strategy, usually due to time commitments needed for regularly updating their accounts, which leads to abandonment or neglect towards your social channels.

However, a simply strategy can utilise your efforts, to save you time and make social media easy for you. In turn, you will find your brand awareness will raise and your customer loyalty and engagement will increase.

So how can you turn your social activity into an effective and efficient strategy?

Create a content calendar

Content is key to social media and having an idea of what you should post every day will save you time. Staying consistent with your posts will help you to be more efficient, so you can always set out daily themes in your calendar. For example, Mondays are for informative how-to guides’ posts, Tuesday’s property news posts, Wednesday local news posts, etc.

Find what pieces of content you are going to post at the start of the week; this may be other blogs articles, stats and facts, quotes, images, videos, etc. We recommend you save all the articles and social posts you have found interesting through day to day internet usage and store them on a word document. This will save research time when it comes to setting up your social schedule for the week, as you will have plenty of content to share.

Plan and stick to a system

Estate agents should always follow the 90/10 rule. This means that 90% of your posts should be dedicated to sharing informative, interesting, educational or entertaining pieces of content that is relevant to your industry or business and that your audience will find interesting. The remaining 10% of posts are for you to generate sales and leads, in other words promotional posts.

You may wonder why only 10% of your posts can be promotional. The reason is because social media presence speaks volumes about your brand, by creating more informative content that people will actually want to read, you will become a valuable source in the eyes of your audience, and once you’ve built up your following and gained their trust those promotion posts you create will be less likely to be overlooked.  

Don’t overlook social scheduling

Almost all social networks have the ability to schedule posts in advance. These tools will save you huge amounts of time and effort as you’ll be able to schedule every post for the week in one go, meaning you won’t forget to share content every day.

If you follow these 3 tips, you will be able to sort out your entire week’s social activity and research within an hour. So now you have no excuse not to be actively social. 

Luke Stanley