Mistakes That Are Killing Your Social Efforts

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Mistakes That Are Killing Your Social Efforts


Estate Agents have been jumping onto the social media bandwagon since social media took off. It is now a crucial part of any online marketing campaign, however very few estate agents have really learned the true value of social media simply because they aren’t using them correctly.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you are killing your social efforts:

You are selling not engaging

Social media is all about building customer relations; it isn’t a marketing tool in the usual sense. People use social media to share knowledge and experience, not to be swamped by ads.

Estate Agents should focus on building customer relations by sharing local and industry news. Self-promotion won’t make your brand stand out instead your posts will get ignored along with the other ads. Instead of posting self-promotional statuses, always try to be informative and interesting as this is more likely to get you noticed.

You overreach

Many of you may be using social media for brand exposure which is great but it’s not about quantity, it’s about engaging and sharing valuable information.

You may have accounts for every social network around but without the right content being posted you might as well not bother.

Social media isn’t about the quantity of likes you have but building a relationship with your audience. Before branching out to more social platforms, try to focus on producing great content for one. 

You aren't consistent with posts

This is the most common mistake I see amongst estate agents. If you don’t post regularly your audience won’t be inclined to follow you. Consistency with posts is vital when building a fan base as it gives the user a reason to return to your business profile page as well as promote brand exposure

Social media can be a great and powerful tool but to get the full benefit from it you have to use it properly. Social media is all about sharing and engaging with your audience. Your audience uses social media for social interaction, don’t force advertising upon them.  

Luke Stanley