Make the most of your Facebook Cover photo

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Make the most of your Facebook Cover photo

Facebook has a lot of potential for estate agents to promote their business, improve brand recognition and for them to engage with their audience. However it is crucial that you make your Facebook Business page presentable, appealing and brand recognisable. To achieve this you need to have a great cover photo.

The cover photo is the large picture that is displayed at the top of your Facebook profile.  So here are the 3 steps to creating the best Facebook cover photo for you:

Follow the rules

Your Facebook cover photo can’t state false or deceptive information. If you break this rule then you will be forced to take it down.

Choose or create the right image

Your audience will have seen hundreds of profiles before they find yours so it is crucial that you make an impression. If your image is low quality, confusing or not appealing than people won’t give it a second glance.

It is vital that you get the size of the image right which is 851x515 pixels. Also make sure the image isn’t copyright material. The image should be clean, clear and professional.

Pick an image that represents your business, services or location. Don’t just use a random image.

Take advantage of the opportunity

Adding a photo is vital but it doesn’t have to be just any photo. Your cover photo can be used to promote or guide your audience. You are now able to use content within these images, be careful not to use too much content as it can deter potential customers.

Keep it short yet informative, only include vital information. You can also try to include call-to-actions within your cover photo such as ‘like this page’ or ‘search for properties in your area here’ and direct them to your website.

If used and done correctly, Facebook has a lot of potential to draw in more potential customers and sales. 

Luke Stanley