LinkedIn Redesign Coming Soon

| Social media

The social media platform LinkedIn has announced that they will be releasing a new version of their website. The new website will include new messaging features such as bots as well as a simplified feed.

The primary reason why LinkedIn is doing a website redesign is to make the LinkedIn’s desktop experience more in sync with its mobile app.

The redesign really emphasis on the newsfeed which will be a lot cleaner, simplified and more intuitive. It will also encourage users to post more, with a more prominent status box.  

The social network also promises to be more responsive as well as have a much easier navigation with better search features.

Not only are LinkedIn redesigning the website, they will also be adding a few new features. LinkedIn will be introducing messaging bots. To start with these bots will be focused around scheduling, such as scheduling meetings by comparing users calendars and suggest meeting times and places based on what’s in your calendars.

As for the new messaging feature, it is very similar in style to Facebook Messenger, with a message window popping up at the bottom of the screen. This allows for quicker communication with other users.

LinkedIn didn’t state when they would roll out the new website, however they did say it was coming this year. 

Luke Stanley