LinkedIn hits 250 million members

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LinkedIn hits 250 million members

LinkedIn has reached a huge milestone with over 259 million monthly active users, which is up from 187 million at the beginning of the year.

This puts LinkedIn ahead of Twitter, which has between 230-240 million active users. However the professional social network is still behind social giant Facebook and Google+.

Here’s how they measure up to other popular social networks:

1. Facebook – 1.15 billion monthly active users

2. Google+ - 300 million monthly active users

3. LinkedIn – 259 million monthly active users

4. Twitter – 230-240 million monthly active users

5. Instagram – 150 million monthly active users

6. Pinterest – 25 million monthly active users (70 million members)

LinkedIn is now one of the most popular social networks and has grown a substantial amount over the last few months. 

More amazing stats about LinkedIn:

1. In the UK there are more than 11 million LinkedIn members

2. 27% of LinkedIn users check their account daily

3. There are 3 million LinkedIn business pages

4. Users spend on average 17 minutes a month on LinkedIn

5. LinkedIn reach 200 countries and territories

6. 38% of LinkedIn visits are from mobile devices

7. Two new members sign up on LinkedIn every second

Troy Stanley