Is Your Social Media Campaign Actually Working?

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Is Your Social Media Campaign Actually Working?


Many estate agents spend a lot of time setting up social media accounts and maintaining them but how do you know if all this time and effort you are spending on social media isn't a total waste?

Estate agents tend to measure success on social media by the number of followers or likes they have but those numbers don’t necessarily mean anything for your business. Here are some measurements to help you determine if your social media efforts are actually working:


Ok, followers do count for something when measuring value but not necessarily in the way you think. It is important as it represents your reach, which means the number of people who can see your posts.

The number of followers doesn’t necessarily determine success but it does tell you how visible your posts are and how many people value them. For example, if the number of your followers decreases it means people aren’t finding your posts interesting anymore.


Just because people follow you doesn’t necessarily mean they see or read your posts. This is why you can’t rely on the number of followers to measure success.

You need to monitor how many people are interacting with your Facebook page. This means how many people like, share and comment on your posts. If people are interacting and engaging with your posts than you are doing something right. It shows they have understood what you have said and have more to say about it.

Ideally, every post should have likes, comments and shares. You should engage with those comments and try to start discussions, which will help your posts be seen by more people.


A successfully social media account will focus on building brand awareness, expanding reach and drawing more people to the page and content. However, the end goal is to drive those users to your website in order for them to use your services.

Getting conversions will be your ultimate goal when it comes to social media, of course building followers and getting people to engage is crucial to drive conversions but at the end of the day all you want to do is drive sales.

This means you have to track your conversion rates on Google Analytics to see how many visitors you are getting to your website from social media and if they are converting on your website. If you aren’t monitoring this, how will you be able to tell if your social media efforts are really working? 

Luke Stanley