How To Engage With Your Audience On Instagram?

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How To Engage With Your Audience On Instagram?


With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram has become one of the major social networks and is a great source for sharing creative content with the masses.

Not only is it a great place for people to upload and share images and videos, but for businesses to raise brand awareness too. The social platform can be a great way for a brand to connect with their audience as it gives them a chance to show great eye-catching visuals.

So how can estate agents engage with their audience on Instagram?

1) Write a great bio

This introduction can go a long way on Instagram, so it’s important to get it right. Keep it clean and simple but ensure it’s also unique and reflects your brand well.

2) Clearly display your website URL

One of the primary reasons you’ll be on social media is to build brand awareness and drive traffic back to your website so ensure you have a link to your website within your Instagram bio. Instagram is one of the few social networks that allow you to put clickable links in your bio so take advantage of this.

3) Go Business

Instagram now allows you to have a business profile and it gives you an insight into how your followers interact with your brand.

You can also add your businesses address, phone number and email address to your profile giving your followers easy access to engage with you.

4) Have a professional profile pic

On Instagram it can be tempting to change your profile picture more frequently than you usually would on other social networks but this can have a negative impact on brand awareness. For the profile picture, you should just stick with your logo, as it will be the one thing people see first on Instagram alongside every post.

5) Be creative

Instagram isn’t like Facebook or Twitter, it’s a place for creative, inspirational and beautiful visuals so make sure everything you post is either unique, fun and/or creative. And to make these visual that much more beautiful take advantage of filters on hand.

6) Be consistent

Like with all other social media platforms, consistency is key! People like following brands that have a frequent social presence, so make sure you stick to a posting schedule.

7) It isn’t just about visuals

Images are of course the most important part of any post on Instagram, but what can really hook your audience is the captions alongside it. You need to grab your followers’ attention so they will want to read more and go where you are directing them.

Use captions to entice your audience in with cliff-hangers or interesting comments to help convince them to find out more.  

8) Analyse your old posts

It’s important to give your audience what they want. Look back on what posts have been popular in the past, and try to deliver posts that are similar.

9) Engage

As with all social networks it’s about engaging with your audience. If someone interacts with you reply to them quickly, check out their Instagram, interact with them and build a relationship.

Luke Stanley