How Do I Create a Live Facebook Video?

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How Do I Create a Live Facebook Video?

Facebook Live video streaming has become very popular amongst businesses so if you want to attract new followers and engage with your existing fan base then it is definitely something you should consider.

How to create a Facebook Live video on your computer?

At first, you could only create Facebook Live videos via a mobile device; however Facebook now lets you record these videos from your computer as well.

Depending on what you are recording this may be your best option.

First, you will have to grant permission to Facebook to access your webcam and microphone. Once done, you can start a Live Video.

To start a Live video, go to your business account and you will find the “Start Live Video” option on the main menu below the status box.


Tips before you go live:

  • Check the lighting
  • Test your sound
  • Ensure your background isn’t distracting
  • Make sure your internet service is fast and reliable

How to create a Facebook Live Video on your mobile?

If you want to record from anywhere at any time, mobile will be your best option.

To start a Live video, unlike the web version there isn’t a live video option on your Facebook business page.

Instead, go to your business account, you will be able to access Live videos by selecting “Publish” under the profile picture. You will be directed to a new page where you can share any type of post, but you’ll see ‘Live video’ as an option.

Again, you will have to grant Facebook permission on your phone to access the camera and microphone. Once granted you can start a Live video.

Tips before you go live:

  • Use WiFi or 4G when Live streaming to prevent interference
  • Record somewhere that isn’t loud or has too many distractions in the background
  • Use a stand or selfie stick to prevent the camera wobbling too much
  • Turn off notifications on your phone to prevent disruptions

What to Live video?

You can use Facebook Live videos in a number of ways. Here are five popular ways in which estate agents can use Facebook Live videos to help your business succeed:

1) Showing a new property for sale

This could be a potential new platform for a first look around the properties that you have just put on the market. A video walk-through would provide your audience with an insight into the property and what it has to offer. This type of video may grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to arrange a proper viewing.

2) Inside look of your business

Why not give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business and how it works.

3) Promote events

Facebook Live is a great way to announce an upcoming event. Once you have planned an event, you should create a post to let fans know about the event and then share specific details about it via Facebook Live.

4) Answer FAQs

You could also answer all the common questions your business receives on Facebook Live. This could potentially save you a lot of time and effort.

5) Address topical news

Another way you can use Facebook Live video is for your business to discuss a topic that your audience may be interested in. Of course, you could do this via a blog article but it can be a lot quicker and easier to address these topics through Facebook Live video.

Luke Stanley