How can Facebook Instant Articles benefit you?

| Social media

Last week, we discussed what Facebook Instant Articles were. This week we are going to talk about how they can benefit you and your marketing efforts.

Here’s how Facebooks new feature may impact you and boost your marketing efforts:

Improve brand recognition

Social media is all about boosting brand awareness, so while Facebook’s Instant Articles automatically loads the full article onto their news feed instead of taking you to the article itself, the article still retains some elements such as your logo, fonts and colours.

So even if people don’t stop and read the entire article, they will still see your name and brand which will in turn improve your brand recognition among users.

Expands your reach

The main advantage of Facebook Instant Articles is that the pages load a lot faster. As we already know, users get very frustrated with slow-loading web pages which in many cases results in them leaving the page without reading the article.

By delivering the content faster you will reach more customers and retain their attention, which means you will have more of a chance of people reading your articles, clicking through to your website as well as liking and sharing your content.

Receive more analytical data

Facebook has introduced more analytics with Instant Articles. The one that really stands out is that you can now see the scroll depth, which shows you exactly how much of the article users are actually reading.

This is very valuable information as it will help you analysis your content strategy. You will be able to see where you lose the reader and figure out what the cause may be. For example, the headline may have drawn them in but the content didn’t deliver what the title promised or that the content simply wasn’t compelling enough to keep the reader engaged.

Equally, you will be able to see what content your audience favours and try to write more like it.

The better you can pinpoint the source of your successes and your failures, the better you can improve your content strategy.

Luke Stanley