Grow your business with Google Plus

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Grow your business with Google Plus

Google+ launched in 2011, and has surpassed over 1 billion registered users worldwide. Google’s social network actually has 540 million active monthly users (a little under half of Facebook’s monthly users).

It is also becoming a useful tool for estate agents to establish their online presence and improve their visibility on Googles search engine results page. It is also a great way to connect and engage with your customers.

Interesting facts:

  • UK registered users – 12.6 million
  • UK active users – 3.9 million
  • This is an increase of around 30% from the previous year
  • In the UK 43% (1.7 million) are actively using the social network through mobile devices
  • 25 to 34 year olds are the most active on Google Plus
  • 6.47 minutes = Time spent on Google Plus. This has almost doubled from the previous year where the average person spent 3.30 minutes.
  • 42% of Google+ users interact with brands

Tools to grow your business

1. Google Maps listing – this allows you to list your business details, including hours of operation and other information. You can link your existing Google Places account to your Google+ profile which can help you to connect with local customers. It also lets people see you are a legitimate business and gives them to chance to leave reviews.

2. Customer interaction – Google+ opens up a new channel for you to interact with your customers. By using Google+ circles, comments and communities, it gives you the opportunity to directly interact with potential and existing customers. 

3. Google Hangouts – This is a unique way to interact and chat with a group of Google+ users. Through Google Hangouts you are able to hold 1 to 1 video conferences and group meetings.

4. Ownership verification – Google+ allows you to verify ownership of your business website, which gives you some additional credibility with your followers.

Luke Stanley