Google+ is evolving

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Google+ is evolving

Google+ has never really taken off as a traditional social network, however that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been successful. Google+ is actually one of the largest social networks, with around 540 million active users (reported back in 2013). Today, it isn’t clear how many users Google+ has but it does have a substantial user base worldwide.  

The end of Google+ as we know it

Google has announced their plans for the future of Google+, and are now aiming to provide a better long term value for their everyday users as well as for those who don’t.

Google have listened to their users and taken note in order to make improvements to their social platform. So what changes can we expect from Google+:

Delivering a more focused experience

The majority of regular Google+ users use the social network to have conversations with others who share their interests with content and people who inspire them. Google will be moving some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience and adding some new features like Google+ Collection which allows users to share and enjoy organised posts by topics you are interested in.

The end of mandatory Google+

Having all of your Google stuff under one account does make life easier, however many people don’t like the fact that their Google+ profile is their identity for all other Google products. For example, if you wanted to post something on YouTube it would automatically display on your Google+ account.

You will no longer be required to have a Google+ membership to use any other Google product, other than Google+ itself.

This means Google is now separating Google+ from YouTube as well as your Google account altogether.

Google+ won’t be disappearing completely, but it will be less invasive to users who don’t want to use it or don’t want to use it on other Google products.

Should you still use Google+?

Google+ isn’t dead and still has value for businesses. Having a Google+ business account will help with your SEO, as well as brand recognition and awareness. It also gives you the opportunity to interact and engage with your audience.

So yes, you still need a Google+ presence. 

Luke Stanley