Getting started on Google Plus

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Getting started on Google Plus

To a lot of estate agents having a Google+ business page may not seem very important or valid but it’s not a social network to be ignored.

Google+ is no longer a ghost town; it is the second largest social network behind Facebook with over 360 million active users.

Not only is Google+ growing in size but it can have a huge impact on your SEO results, even if none of your customers use Google+ itself.

Even if you aren’t big on social media, Google+ has many other advantages. So don’t ignore Google Plus for the wrong reasons and get started now:

Setting up Google+

1. Go to Google+

2. If you haven’t got a personal Google+ account, you will need to create one

3. Login into your personal Google+ account

4. Click on your name on the top right corner of the page

5. Select “All your Google+ pages >”

6. This will open up your dashboard for managed pages

7. Select “Create New Page”

8. Pick a category

       a. Select “Local Business or Place”

       b. Enter in the country your business is located and primary telephone number

       c. Click “Locate”

       d. If you have a Google Places page already then your business will show up on the next tab

       e. If your company does show up click on it, if not click “Not Found?” tab. You will then have to enter your business name, full address and the category your business would fall under (e.g. Estate Agent)

       f. If your company did show up, you will go through to the “Confirm your info” page. Here you should check your details are all correct and select OK.

9. Add info

       a. Choose a name – enter your businesses name

       b. List your external website – enter your website address

       c. Then tick the box to confirm “I agree to the Pages Terms”

10. Getting started

       a. Add your cover photo (be creative) – the dimensions for this are 940 pixels x 180 pixels

       b. Add your company logo – the dimensions for this are 250 pixels x 250 pixels

       c. Add your email address

       d. Add all the business categories your business covers (e.g. letting agents/estate agents)

       e. Click “Finish”

11. Your Google+ business page is now live

12. On your profile page, select “Edit business information”

13. Here you should add the hours of operation for your business and a short description about your business, what you do, the services you  offer, etc

Luke Stanley