Get found on Facebook

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Get found on Facebook

With over 33 million active monthly members in the UK and more than 24 million of those people visiting the site every day, being found on Facebook has never been more important.

Here is how the people that matter can find your Facebook business page:

1. Complete your page

Just like with Google, the information you share on your business page helps people find you on Facebook so make sure it is fully complete.

  • Category and description - these need to be filled in as accurately and informatively as possible. This will help people find your page in Search.
  • Profile and cover photo – try to visually impress, people engage more with pages that include photos that are relevant to the business.
  • Be sure to include your company address, working hours, phone number and a link to your website. This will help people to find you and check in.

2. Be found on the News Feed

The news feed is the most engaging area on Facebook but how can you ensure your business gets seen on the news feed:

  • Your profile picture needs to represent your brand so it can be recognised instantly. Your profile picture will show up next to every single post so make it easy for your followers to distinguish you.  
  • Post relevant, informative and compelling content that your followers will find interesting.
  • Include images or videos: posts with images or videos receive 53% more clicks than the average post.

 3. Understand the metrics

The only way to see if your social campaign is working is by monitoring your posts and activity on Facebook. Just like Google, Facebook offer an analytics called Insights which makes it easy for you to see how your campaign is performing:

View these stats in the Page Insights, you will find this within your Page Admin panel when you log in. The section is called Insights.

Within insights you can view:

  • How many people have liked your page
  • How many people your posts have reached compared to the previous week
  • Your business pages engagements – how many people have clicked, liked, shared and commented on your posts.
  • A breakdown of recent post stats – this will help you determine which types of posts are more popular amongst your followers. 

Luke Stanley