Four Destructive Twitter Mistakes

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Four Destructive Twitter Mistakes


Twitter is a relatively easy social network to promote your business and expand your marketing reach; however, it isn’t uncommon to see businesses making basic and embarrassing mistakes on the social network.

So here are the four most common disastrous twitter mistakes and how to avoid them:

1) Appearing desperate

We know you are a business and the only reason you are using Twitter is to increase sales and promote your company. However, Twitter really isn’t the place to push your products or services; this kind of marketing strategy will damage your brand and waste your time.

Instead, you should provide your follower with meaningful content. The 90/10 rule is more relevant to Twitter these days, provide valuable content 90% of the time and promote yourself 10% of the time. If you overly promote you will find that you will be ignored and unfollowed very fast.  

2) Overuse of the hashtag

Hashtag abuse is very common and drives everyone crazy. It looks desperate and makes your tweets look very confusing. The tweet may be seen by more people but you are more likely to be ignored as well.

Instead, limit yourself to two hashtags per tweet.

3) Retweeting too much

Yes, you need to keep your Twitter feed active but tweeting too much will drive your followers crazy. This is definitely one way to lose your followers.

Instead, be more selective about what you retweet and what you tweet. Keep all tweets and retweets relevant and only retweet the most interesting posts. Think about why your followers follow you and only retweet what you think they will be interested in.

4) Not putting in any effort

Twitter does require at least some effort. It isn’t just posting random statuses every now and again. You need to remember that your Twitter is your public image; one mistake could have a huge negative impact on your business.

Try to only post interesting, educational or fun tweets. All of your tweets should be relevant to your business, industry or local area. Your goal for twitter should be to become an industry and/or local expert, try not to stray too far and become irrelevant.


Luke Stanley