Facebook’s Testing ‘Messenger Day’ a Snapchat Like Feature

| Social media

In August, Instagram launched “Instagram Stories” a feature very similar to Snapchat, now it looks like Facebook is preparing release their own version of Snapchat through its Messenger app.

The new feature is called ‘Messenger Day’ which has been launched for testing in Poland and now Australia.

Messenger Day works through Facebook Messenger iOS and Android apps, and lets users post updates to their friends which will disappear after 24 hours (just like Snapchat). You will also have the ability to doodle and add stickers to your posts.

These posts will be available at the top of the normal Facebook Messenger homepage with a similar interface to Instagram Stories.

With Snapchat’s popularity continuing to grow, Facebook has attempting to mimic the 24 hour post features onto its Facebook and Instagram platforms to try and take on the popular app.

This comes after the news that Twitter appears to be facing troubles recently as more and more younger users favour the likes of Snapchat and Instagram over their platform.

However, Facebook has been criticised for introducing the same features to their mobile apps as it leaves users to primarily choose one platform to post on over the others, which currently is Snapchat for the majority.

Facebook do frequently test new features to a small percentage of their users to gather feedback before releasing it to the masses so we may never get the chance to see this new service first hand, but as they are expanding their testing to a new country, it could be a sign that this Snapchat-like feature could be doing well for the social giant… 

Luke Stanley