Facebook’s Social Virtual Reality Platform

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Facebook’s Social Virtual Reality Platform

Virtual Reality hasn’t quite taken off yet but it certainly has a promising future in both gaming and social presence.

Facebook purchased Oculus (a virtual reality manufacture) back in March 2014 for $2 billion and now Facebook have unveiled at least one of the reasons why they acquired a virtual reality company.

Facebook have unveiled their own social virtual reality space called ‘Oculus Rooms and Parties’.

The Oculus Rooms are only available for Samsung Gear VR users and will come to Rift users at some point this year; the Oculus Rooms give these users the ability to interact with people you are connected with on Facebook within a new virtual space/apartment.

You will be able to see when your friends are online, start voice calls with up to three friends or hang out together in a virtual apartment.

These Oculus Rooms are private virtual spaces that you can spend time with your friends without having to leave your home.

When hanging out with your friends you can watch video content on the virtual cinema screen, play matching or guessing games, or jump into a multiplayer games like Dragon Front. More and more apps will begin to support this feature in the future so we can expect to see a lot of exciting new games and experiences coming to this platform.  

Facebook has stated that this is just the beginning of social virtual reality and that they will continue to build new and fun ways to interact online. 

Luke Stanley