Facebook’s New Feature ‘City Guides’

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Facebook’s New Feature ‘City Guides’

Could Facebook be trying to take over every aspect of modern life?

In short, YES according to Mark Zuckerberg’s thoughts on the future of Facebook and this new feature is definitely a part of that.

Last month, Facebook introduced enhanced weather forecasts with the help of weather.com, as well as a feature that allows users to apply for jobs directly through their social platform.  

Now Facebook are working on a new feature that could influence the way we travel.

In this day and age, the major of us won’t plan a trip without doing research on several travel sites first and asking friends who have visited the area for tips and recommendations.

It looks like Facebook are now working on a way for you to do both without leaving the Facebook app.

Facebook have begun testing their new feature ‘City Guides’. City Guides provide suggestions for local restaurants, events, attractions and more. The feature also shows you a list of friends who have visited the city and what they got up to while they were there.

City Guides is within the Explore tab of your Facebook app, and once opened will show you a list of cities your friends have visited.

When you select a city it will show you all the friends that have visited the area, places they have been, as well as the local time and weather, ‘Places the locals go’ which recommends local cafes, restaurants, etc, upcoming events and popular attractions.

The feature even lets you plan your trip by saving attractions, restaurants and events in your own personal itinerary.

Facebook are yet to say exactly when City Guides will be available to everyone or even/when it will be released to browsers on the Facebook website.

So it looks like this is just another step closer to Facebook owning every aspect of modern life… 

Luke Stanley