Facebook strategies for estate agents

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Facebook strategies for estate agents

Estate agents can’t just be present on Facebook to find success; they need to be smart about how they promote themselves and who they promote themselves too.

Just because your estate agency exists on Facebook doesn’t mean you will find success. To get this you need to show your potential customers just how remarkable your business is but you can’t accomplish this by just talking about yourself.

Be Facebook smart – Facebook strategies for estate agents

 1. Post your own content

The best way to show your estate agency is an industry leader is by sharing your expertise. Writing articles about the latest news, tips, how-to-guides, etc will make it clear to your potential customers that you know what you’re talking about. And at the same time you will also be giving your SEO a boost.

 2. Post sharable content

Remember it’s not all about you; don’t just share your own content. If you find something interesting or fun that you think your audience may like make sure you post it on your Facebook.

 3. Create conversations

This is what social media is all about; get interactive with your audience. Ask them questions and start conversations. This helps people to see the personality behind the business before they come to your office.

 4. Upload images and videos

Everyone loves videos and images so be sure to include them within your posts. People are more likely to share images and videos then content.

 5. Custom tabs

Your Facebook business page will already have standard tabs, such as photos and likes but you can also create your own tabs. Here you can include things like your blog, special offers, etc. Custom tabs can make your Facebook page more personal and unique which in turn will attract fans.

 6. Search for your fans

There are quite a few way you can find fans like  by inviting your friends and family to “Like” your business page and by “Liking” other local community businesses. Finding fans isn’t always easy but if you put the effort in, you will definitely increase your “Likes”.

Luke Stanley