Facebook Stats You Can’t Ignore

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Facebook Stats You Can’t Ignore


With over 2.3 billion active users, Facebook is the biggest social platform in the world. Are you investing enough time and effort into your Facebook marketing campaigns?

Facebook has unlimited potential for marketing campaigns, and if used correctly can help you engage with the right audience through targeted ads and brand awareness campaigns.

The social giant’s usage stats are mind-blowing, so for businesses looking to get the most out of Facebook, here are some insights into Facebooks usage to help you plan a better social media strategy:

1) As of December 2018, Facebook has over 2.32 billion active users

2) Facebook has over 1.47 billion active daily users

3) Every 60 seconds there are more than 317,000 status updates

4) 500 new users sign up to Facebook every minute

5) 64% of men use Facebook

6) 74% of women use Facebook

7) 57% of users are aged 18-34

8) 36% of users are aged 35+

9) 51% of users use Facebook several times a day

10) 23% use Facebook once day

11) The ‘Face with Tears of Joy emoji’ is the UK’s most used emoji

12) 2.5 billion people are also using apps owned by Facebook such as WhatsApp and Instagram

13) Early after on Thursdays and Fridays, or Sunday mornings are the best time to post on Facebook

14) 270 million Facebook profiles are fake

15) More than 80 million businesses have a Facebook business page

Not only that -

16) 67% of marketers say Facebook is the most important social platform

17) 70% of marketers say that they have used Facebook to acquire new customers

18) 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly


Hopefully these stats will help and encourage you to use the platform more efficiently and set up a successful marketing campaign.

Despite all the negative press Facebook has been having over the last year, it is safe to say that the social platform will be staying around for the foreseeable future. It is still the most prominent and power social network out there and every estate agent should have at least some form of presence on the platform.

Luke Stanley