Facebook self-destruct posts

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Facebook self-destruct posts

The internet does not forget. Once the information is out there, there’s no going back!

However this could be changing, Facebook is planning to introduce self-destructing posts that will disappear forever after a certain time (similar to Snapchat photos).

Rumour has it Facebook is currently testing this new feature that will allow users to temporarily post on Facebook for a certain time until the post vanishes forever.

The new feature will work by having the user set an expiration time for the post and once the expiration time is reach the post will disappear.

What are the benefits for this feature?

You may ask, what’s the point of posting a status if it will only be deleted?

1. Protecting yourself - the primary benefit is likely to protect you from posting something you may regret.

2. Diminish clutter – this feature could help to reduce you cluttering up your Facebook profile with pointless statuses.

3. Advertising – these statuses may be time sensitive, helping to promote these types of events or comments to your friends and followers.

Facebook have previously dealt with self-destructing content, having recently launching the Slingshot app which lets you send pictures to your friends that expire once you view them (just like Snapchat).

This Facebook self-destruct feature is still in testing and will supposedly allow you to set expiration times for your posts between one hour and one week.   

Luke Stanley