Facebook metrics that matter

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Facebook metrics that matter

To find success on Facebook you first need to figure out what success is to you and how to achieve it. To grow your Facebook business page you need to ask yourself:

1) What content should I post?

2) When should I post?

3) Am I reaching my audience?

To find out those answers you need data, which Facebook’s analytics (Page Insights) can easily provide you.

Here’s how to find what Facebook metrics will help you create a more effective social marketing strategy:

What content should you post?

Click on the Posts section of your Facebook business page Insights and then click Post Types.

Here you will see the engagement of your posts broken down by the type of post (e.g. photo, link, offer, etc).

This will enable you to see what posts were more successful (which ones worked and which ones didn’t). Use this information to determine what kind of posts you should use.

When should you post?

If you post great content at the wrong time then you may be wasting valuable content. You need to post at the right time to ensure you have the best chance of success, so you need to figure out when your audience is most active.

To find this out, go to the Posts section again, select When Your Fans Are Online and you will see a graph that shows you when your audience is most active (day and hour).

Are you reaching your audience?

To help understand your audience, click the People section of your Facebook business page Insights. Here you will see a demographic overview of your Facebook pages audience, including their gender, age, country/city and language.

However, it’s not just about having fans but reaching those fans. Is your content resonating with your audience?  

To find this out, click on Reach, these metrics will show you how many people the post reached compared to how many people liked, commented or shared. If your content isn’t resonating with your audience, then you might need to try something different. 

Luke Stanley