Facebook Messenger hits massive milestone

| Social media

Facebook’s instant messenger service ‘Messenger’ was launched back in 2011 and after a big push to drive people to download the app; they have finally reached one billion monthly active users.

The instant messenger app reached this massive milestone last week, announcing that it now receives more than one billion active users a month. This is up 100 million since April when they claimed that Messenger was receiving 900 million active monthly users.

In celebration of this huge milestone, Facebook have added a new balloon feature. If you use a balloon emoji within Messenger it will animate the balloons to float up the screen.

As well as announcing that their Messenger app has reached one billion active members, they also revealed a few other stats regarding how we are using the app:

  • Facebook Messenger users exchange more than 17 billion photos every month.
  • They also share 22 million animated GIFs every day.

Facebook also revealed that business communications are increasing too:

  • Over a billion messages are being sent between consumer and business every month.
  • Messenger now has over 18,000 bots (up from 11,000 last month).

This is now Facebook’s fourth service that has joined the one billion monthly active users club, which includes Facebook itself, Facebook Groups and WhatsApp. Instagram is also on its way to joining the club with over half a billion active monthly users.  

The app has grown substantially since Facebook began forcing people to use the app back in 2014, when it only had 200 million users. However, the app has grown and added many new features such as bots.

This milestone doesn’t just represent how fast Messenger is growing but the potential it has for businesses to market and communicate with their audiences so don’t miss out on the potential Facebook Messenger could have for you and your business. 

Luke Stanley