Facebook is creating virtual reality apps

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Facebook is creating virtual reality apps

Facebook are working on creating virtual reality apps to give users a more social experience. They believe that one day we will be able to connect with friends in virtual reality which will eventually allow users to experience events (such as vacations) as if they were right there.

Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox revealed how Facebook plan to embrace virtual reality in order to give users a better social experience.

Chris Cox said that Facebook are already working on developing virtual reality apps to enhance sharing, providing a fuller picture for Facebook users.

Last year, Facebook acquired Oculus a virtual reality company for a massive $2 billion. They made it clear that users will one day be able to create their own VR content and share it amongst others.

He also discussed how you will be able to see and experience so much more such as the inside of a Blue Angel fighter jet or a yurt in Mongolia. The virtual reality headset will allow users to look around to see the landscape and people nearby.

Facebook are planning to build on this concept to make sharing even more personal amongst family and friends.

Cox didn’t offer any details regarding when we can expect the Facebook virtual reality apps to be available or how they will work but he did say that they won’t be available for quite a while, stating “we're probably a long way from everyone having these headsets”.

The future possibility for Estate Agents

So what could this mean for Estate Agents? Well for one, this could bring a whole new meaning to ‘Virtual Tours’, one day users may get to experience a home viewing, in first person from the comfort of their own homes at any time.

Luke Stanley