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Facebook are gearing up to rollout the highly anticipated “Instant Articles” feature to all Facebook pages at their F8 conference on the 12th April.

Until now, this feature has only been available to selected publishers such as BuzzFeed and National Geographic so you may have come across it already.

What are Instant Articles?

Instant Articles are simply articles that open up within the Facebook app, making loading times 10 times faster than opening up an article onto your website. They also come with some cool features which can help engage your audience.

What you need to know about Instant Articles?

1) Its only available on Mobile

Facebook Instant Articles are only available on mobile devices but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. The majority of Facebook users access the social network via a mobile device making mobile Facebooks key platform for you to market on.

2) Loading time is now everything

Having fast page loading is crucial to retain your audience, especially on mobile. Instant Articles are designed to load up to 10 times faster which improves the user experience immensely. Facebook knows your audience’s attention span is short so Instant Articles will ensure your audience gets connected to your content.

3) Videos are become crucial

Facebook averages 8 billion videos views a day, so it comes as no surprise that content is shifting more and more towards video. With Instant Articles videos are delivered at speeds required to keep your audience engaged.

4) Moving towards better app-based experiences

Facebook wants to dominate the internet and by placing high quality articles inside their platform and delivering them to you at faster speeds than anywhere else, it removes the need for people to read articles on websites or to search for them on Google. People are likely to start turning more towards Facebook to find and read content so it is crucial your content can be found on the social network.


Sounds good? Next week we will discuss how Facebook’s Instant Articles will benefit and impact your content so stay tuned… 

Luke Stanley