Facebook call-to-actions you should incorporate

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Facebook call-to-actions you should incorporate

Facebook is frequently changing their algorithm and introducing new features to enhance the user experience for their users. Many of these changes do receive some criticism but the new call-to-action buttons helps business to promote themselves in a more direct manner.

A call-to-action is put in place to lure your audience into doing an action. Facebook’s call-to-action feature has given businesses the chance to encourage their audience to take action.

So how can an estate agent use this feature?

Despite being commonly overlooked, this call-to-action can be a great feature to your Facebook business page. This button can help increase traffic and conversions to your website. The button redirects the user to a specific landing page of your choice depending on the call-to-action you have chosen.

How can your business take advantage of these call-to-action buttons?

1. Sign-up

 facebook ea today.jpg

This button makes it easy for your followers to sign up to a mailing list or for property alerts. Simply direct them to your sign up or Property register page on your website.

2. Book Now

The Book now button will make it easy for customer to book an appointment to see you or arrange to view a property.

3. Use App

 facebook zoopla.jpg

If you are about to launch an app or you want to promote your current app then have this button. Not only will it make your audience aware that you have an app, it will also increase downloads.

4. Watch Video

If your estate agency business makes use of videos online, then this call-to-action can help you to educate your audience about your brand and make them aware of your YouTube channel. There are multiple ways in which you can promote your business by introducing this call-to-action to your Facebook page.

5) Contact Us

 facebook rt.jpg

If none of the other call-to-actions apply to you, then you can simply use the Contact Us button that directs your users to the contact page on your website.


You don’t have to use just one of these call-to-action buttons forever; you can change them to work with your current campaigns and offers. You can also edit your cover image to help bring attention to this button to increase clicks.

How to create a Facebook Call-to-Action

You can easy create a call-to-action button on your Facebook business page within seconds by logging onto your Facebook Business Page > Clicking the ‘Create Call-to-Action’ at the bottom of the cover image > Selecting the Call-to-Action you wish to use > Entering the URL you wish the button to direct to > Choose where you want people to be direct too (Website or App) > then click ‘Create’.


Luke Stanley