Facebook at Work

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Facebook at Work

Facebook seem to be taking on LinkedIn with a new career based social network that will allow users to separate their personal profile from their professional.

The new Facebook feature may allow users to chat with colleagues, connect with work contacts and collaborate on documents similar to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Facebook hope that employers will allows their staff to use ‘Facebook at Work’ as many companies block or discourage workers from access the social network during working hours.

It will also be beneficial for users that don’t want colleagues or clients to be able to see their non-professional information such as updates and personal photos.

Reports suggest that the new website will look very much like Facebook with the newsfeed but will allow the user to keep their personal profile separate from their work one.

The new website is supposedly being test in their London offices and being tested with a small group of companies ahead of its release in the near future.

Facebook at Work is likely to be free with advertising funding the website, just like Facebook does now.

It is unclear to tell what plans Facebook has for Facebook at Work, but the new site is likely to have an impact on LinkedIn and Google Docs.

Facebook now has over 1.35 billion active monthly users worldwide and currently dominate 68.67% of the social media market in the UK. 

Luke Stanley